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Ignoring your Sales Taxes and Tax liability now will be a nightmare later

Sales taxes are a complicated topic in the network marketing, multi-level marketing, and direct selling arenas. We can’t tell you how many of our clients have ignored their sales-tax liabilities under the false notion that they are not required to collect them since they are not based where sales are being made.

Sales tax requirements change not only from country to country or state to state, but between small municipalities as well. Do you know where you have nexus? In other words, do you know where you’re required to collect sales taxes? Anywhere that you have acting distributors, you have nexus, and a requirement to collect taxes. In some municipalities, you must collect taxes based on the customer’s location, not the location of your distributors. Ignoring these liabilities can destroy your company.

MultiSoft Corporation has partnered with Avalara, an MLM and Network Marketing friendly tax service provider to provide our clients with the tax services that they need before it becomes a catastrophic situation for your business.