Thank you to all of the MultiSoft / MarketPowerPRO clients that have requested this small yet major upgrade to the MarketPowerPRO software system – you asked for it, you got it!!  Administrators, Customer Support Representatives, Warehouse Managers, etc. can now “update one, multiple or all” unshipped orders and set the orders to “shipped”.

Note, for clients entering tracking numbers this new feature will not help as you enter the tracking numbers separately for each order.  However, for clients that simply want to update all of their orders as shipped you now have this feature available.  For more information please view the video by Clicking Here or watching below:

Please contact a MultiSoft CSR or your MultiSoft Account Executive for more information regarding any of these updates, enhancements and new features added to the MarketPowerPRO MLM Software system.  If your website is hosted on dedicated code and you would like this upgrade added please contact your Account Executive.

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MultiSoft Corporation
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