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Companies use many strategies to win competitive battles, but none are more effective than the creation of brand identity. It involves the design and projection of the right image to distributors, customers, stockholders, and other important constituents. This brand identity must be projected over the long term.

The value of brand identity can exceed the value of an organization’s physical assets. This is the reason companies spend millions in developing and projection their brand.

What is brand identity? It defines how an organization is seen and perceived in the marketplace. This does not always correspond with the way a company wants the market to perceive them.

Multisoft Corporation can help in closing the gap between a poor or non-existent brand identity and the way you want the market to see your company.

Over the years, we’ve helped hundreds of companies build strong visual identities and strong brand identities which feature:

  • Memorable, market-specific company names and professional company logos.
  • Creative, results-driven systems.
  • Functional yet easy-to-use systems.

Many design companies do not take the time to understand the client’s business well enough to offer a comprehensive solution.

Multisoft Corporation understands how to create your brand identity and project your Internet presence in a way that produces revenue.

From conceptual strategy to comprehensive turn-key solutions, we leverage diverse experiences and proven strategies to deliver

Multisoft can provide your new or existing company with the following design services. Contact a Multisoft consultant at 239-945-6433 to discuss these services.

  • Professional Web Design
  • Website Redesigns
  • Website Design Templates
  • Flash Multimedia
  • PowerPoint Presentations
  • Logo Development
  • Professional Voice Talent
  • Graphics Design
  • Identity / Print
  • Video Production

Marketing thru Design and Functionality

The Internet has so many approaches to marketing that most websites fail to pass the most basic tests for usefulness and usability.

Designers and content developers tend to build a website around what they like. They fail to identify what their audiences want and need to seeFaulty assumptions and poor decisions may then dictate the end result.

Such practices become costly. What may easily follow is inappropriate advertising, and irrelevant website content that hurts the brand identity. This causes a rejection of the company’s marketing efforts. The company’s Ideas and opportunities fail because of lack of trust and credibility.

According to experts, lack of market research results in faulty assumptions. How can a design team can assist you if you don’t understand your target market? The answer is that no design team can help unless they know your business, your marketing strategies, your target market, and what you can offer this market. 

Design principles include research and design assessment relative to marketing principles and strategies. At Multisoft, we research and discuss evolving marketing strategies relevant to our industry, a process which enables us to quickly share new research findings and collaborate on projects. 

Let’s return to website design and how to optimize the structure of the site as well as its content. It’s important because things are evolving quickly.

More than 70% of people now access the Internet using a mobile device. It means that your website has to be optimized for mobile (responsive design). But there’s more, attention spans have fallen in reverse proportion to the rapid increase in mobile use. 

Your site design must comply with new realities:

The site has to be optimized so that it shows up in search engines in response to a user’s search intent. As previously stated, you must know your target audience and what they need. You then optimize your site content with keywords that are relevant to the information for which people search. But this is not enough.

You must also catch and attract people’s attention and you have now more than 3-5 seconds to do so. It means your site title and heading has to attract attention or visitors will click away. To appear in search engine listings, your site content must be unique, relevant to a user’s search intent, and comprehensive. Your brand identity, target market, and audience know-how determines what to publish on your site.

Our team focuses on understanding how business processes, organizational structure, and how corporate culture should be shaped using information and communications technologies.

Our future goals include research aimed at better understanding what drives productivity in the area of “information work”. This includes the work of managers, professionals, researchers, and others whose work primarily involves receiving, processing and communicating information.