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Your Corporate Image And Brand Identity

Effective marketing and communication depend on sound design and brand creationDesign quality is critical for building corporate brand identity and visibility on the Internet.

Design and marketability are the elusive goals to which every business aspires.  Companies must synchronize their skill, experience, dedication and technology to maximize the online impact of their creative ideas. The visibility gained give them the marketability and sales readiness they need to compete and thrive.

Multisoft recognizes that brand awareness starts with a professional looking company logo.

We have partnered with a third-party vendor to give our clients access to the most professional logo designers available.

Why do I need a company logo?

A professional corporate logo will improve your business. 

  • It is the starting point of brand awareness and influences how your customers think and feel about your business.
  • Quality logos give your business an immediate air of professionalism. Even if your business is new or less established, a customer will often give the benefit of doubt to a company that looks professional.
  • Every business competes with othersA unique and professional logo helps customers distinguish your products and services and helps them remember who you are.
  • Not only will a professional image help you with your customers, it might also help attract key employees.


Never forget that you get only one chance to make a positive first impression!

What our customers are saying:

“The design process was energizing! The logo gives life to our product… Our logo has allowed us to market our product. I don’t think our marketing efforts would be where they are without LogoWorks.”

Renee Marble, President
Tree Toads
Jackson, MS

Our goal is to bolster and support every aspect of your communications strategy. As a creative partner that can develop and implement your marketing communications channels, we will give your organization the “Madison Avenue” polish that will effectively promote your image, products, and services. Our system and tools have been developed so that your organization meets its objectives.

Never forget that you get only one chance to make a positive first impression!

Marketing thru Design and Functionality:

The Internet has so many approaches to marketing that most websites fail to pass even the most basic tests for usefulness and usability. Frequently, designers and content developers build a website around what they like, not knowing what the users or audience of their clients want and need to see.

People that design in this manner have a tendency to use false assumptions to rationalize poor decisions. This causes problems such as inappropriate advertisement formats and misdirected content that hurts brand recognition and results in rejection of a company’s ideas and opportunities.

According to experts, faulty assumptions most often can be linked to the lack of market research. How can a design team adequately assist you if they do not understand the market you are targeting? The answer is that a design team cannot be of help until they understand you, your business, its direction and the clientele that your business serves.

Staples of our design efforts are efficient research, design assessment and application of marketing methods. We facilitate direct communication among our staff and researchers on target topics, enabling us to share new research findings and ideas that result in timely feedback on projects.

There are many factors to consider when designing a website. Companies frequently lose sight of how people behave on the Internet. For instance, a web surfer will usually type in two words on average when seeking information via a search engine.

From that search, they will review only the top ten hits or less. If you are not on that short list, you have little chance of being visited by web surfers. Even on sites they do choose to view, they will spend half a minute on pages within the site viewed and approximately two minutes in research time on the site.

If they cannot find what they are seeking on your site within two minutes, you have lost a potential customer. The Web is a fast-paced, rapidly moving environment. If you don’t satisfy people’s information needs immediately, they are going to ignore and leave your site quickly. With regard to the architecture of a site, where information appears on a page is very important in attracting surfers.

They must be able to find information quickly without much thought. In our effort to avoid the pitfalls of bad designs, we have adopted a culture that makes design decisions based on user goals and the creation of processes that improve the customer experience.

Our team is focused on understanding how business processes, organizational structures, and corporate culture can be reshaped using information and communications technologies to measurably increase business performance.

Future goals include research aimed at better understanding the drivers of productivity for “information work”, including the work of managers, professionals, researchers and others whose work primarily involves receiving, processing and communicating information.