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If you are contemplating the launch of an MLM venture because you are under the “get rich quick” ether, STOP now and save yourself time and money.

Building a successful compensation plan is about building a complete company. By complete company we mean one that satisfies 5 basic key areas of core competency and also has those areas operating in unison with one another. The five key areas are listed here in order of importance:

  • Management
  • Product and Service
  • Opportunity
  • Community
  • Compensation

Management is the brain of your company. Without it, the company would be without purpose or direction. The purpose of an MLM company is to sell Product and Service. This is the cornerstone of any successful MLM company.

Successful MLM companies sell their Opportunity as well as product or service. Often times, opportunity can be as simple as recognition – you would be surprised to know how many people are motivated by receiving attention.

Recognizing and understanding that Community is also essential to building a strong team and support structure… selling can be a tough business!

A successful compensation plan accounts for the other four key areas addressed above before it is formulated. The bottom line: a lucrative compensation plan will not lead to a successful company; however a successful company will make a compensation plan lucrative.

Unilevel, Matrix, Binary and Hybrid compensation plans take complex mathematical algorithm development, strategic qualification placement and an understanding of the need for recognition within the distributor base. In business since 1987 MultiSoft Corporation has over two decades of compensation plan analysis, field study and corporate management experience, to craft a plan that nurture the beginners, but also provides for the most advanced distributors.

Our team has reviewed thousands of compensation plans and authored hundreds of their own. We have even written a book, “The Compensation Plan Primer” that helps people understand the nuances of each compensation plan type.


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